Non-profit Educates Public on Microwave Radiation Risks

Non-profit Educates Public on Microwave Radiation Risks

Already thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies world-wide indicate the microwave radiation emitted by wireless technology is biologically hazardous. Evidence of harm is linked to cancer, infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, insomnia, headaches, skin abnormalities, and more.

Wireless Education, a registered United Kingdom non-profit, now offers three low-cost courses to educate the public on safer ways to use today’s Wi-Fi and cellular technology.

The first course is a ten-minute Free Quiz that conveys the basics of wireless technology safety.

The Schools & Families Course distills the scientific studies and medical advisories into easy-to-learn concepts. For less than the cost of a movie ticket, this 40-minutes course teaches practical device-related options to greatly reduce microwave radiation exposure at school and home. A tip sheet is provided at the end with reminders.

The Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course discusses microwave radiation exposure in the business environment and how to set up safer work protocols. It also reviews legal liability and precedents set for workers compensation cases around the world. This low-cost course can be done in 40 minutes, and each employee will receive a Certificate of Completion for compliance tracking plus a sheet of office safety precautions.

Wireless Education believes in social responsibility and offers a Robin Hood program. For every Corporate Induction Course licensed, Wireless Education will donate a Schools & Families Course to the school of the corporate licensee’s choosing.

Says Wireless Education founder and technologist Brett West, “Our society has rapidly adopted wireless technology to great benefit, but science has proven there are substantial health risks. We aim to educate the public on those risks, and provide medically and scientifically sound best practices to use today’s technology safely. Our focus is on safety and education, and as a non-profit organization, we will continue to reinvest in expanding our efforts to teach every child and family to use technology safely.”

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Wireless Education works closely with leading research institutions worldwide to stay at the forefront of scientific studies. The firm also captures the most recent legislative changes and biologically-based medical recommendations.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.