Corporate Risk-Management Course to tackle digital addiction and unhealthy mobile technology use

Corporate Risk-Management Course to tackle digital addiction and unhealthy mobile technology use

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Work-related stress and executive burnout are on the increase. Companies look to tackle this through Corporate Wellness Programmes and effective management to ensure a long-term healthy workforce. Whilst the Wellness Programmes seek to help employees with various support services, few address healthier use of mobile devices and technology in the workplace. Risk-management is needed as wireless technology was brought to market with no safety testing. It transmits data via radiofrequency (RF) radiation which the scientific literature now indicates is biologically hazardous. Additionally, improper use of mobile technology can create digital addiction and time management issues.

There are already precedents in the courts where employees have been compensated for tumours and other RF ailments from wireless devices (latest precedent comes from Italy, November 2022). Insurance companies recognise RF as a high risk and are excluding coverage for illnesses caused by chronic exposure to RF. This creates a need for risk-management and preventive measures.

Safer Tech Education, a non-profit in Canada, was the first to market with an online risk-management course to educate organisations and their employees on safer ways to use today’s mobile technology. In 2023 will be launched the next version of this risk-management course.

Safer Tech Education constantly monitors current international science, legislation, regulatory changes, and medical advisories in order to provide best practice recommendations and safety protocols within organisational environments. This Corporate Induction Safety Course is aligned with the latest RF guidance issued by the Vienna Medical Association, the Council of Europe and European Parliament.

We provide a scalable, bulk order on-line course, where whole workforces (even thousands of workers) can be trained effectively and quickly on practical risk-management measures.

Benefits are visible in better health, in reduced addictive behaviour and in improved time management skills.

Safer Tech Education believes in social responsibility and offers a Robin Hood programme. For every Corporate Induction Safety Course licensed to help protect our collective children, Wireless Education will donate a Schools & Families Course to train the local school of the corporate licensee’s choosing.

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