Safer Tech Education

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This course introduces:

1. The benefits of adopting healthier technology habits.

2. Signs of unhealthy digital media habits: how to recognize them.

3. What you need to know: excessive screentime, tech addiction and mobile radiation exposure as a medical concern.

4. What you may not know: manufacturer’s instructions, insurance coverage, legal risks.

5. Our science-based plan for healthier tech habits: new ways to use your digital devices to manage risks.

6. Balancing out tech time with nature time and other healthy screen-free activities.



The Safer Tech Education Course includes 16 quick lessons, with 10 quiz questions and videos to help underscore important points.


At the end you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion and a Safer Tech Tips Sheet with helpful reminders.


Links to resources referenced throughout the lessons are also provided at the end of the course.


(A-f-t-e-r signing into the course, PLEASE, CLICK LESSON NUMBER 1 BELOW TO START.)