EMF Medical Conference for Health Care Practitioners!

EMF Medical Conference for Health Care Practitioners!

More than 800 doctors, nurses, first responders, therapists and others have attended the international EMF Medical Conference to learn to recognize, diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation emitted by today’s wireless technology and other electrical installations. MA for Safe Technology’s Cece Doucette was honored to present State and Local Policy.

  • 24.5 CMEs and CEs are available for continuing education credit. Registration closes June 15 and the self-paced on-line training must be complete by July 1, 2023.

  • Videos are also available at a reduced rate for the general public and those not needing continuing education credit.

  • Click here for a letter to give to your health care practitioners.

  • Firefighters also need to have continuing education credits but don’t often have travel budgets. They appreciate being able to attend the conference from the fire station. To help facilitate the conversation, please print out and bring the International Association of Fire Fighter’s position statement on Cell Tower Radiation Health Effects to your local fire station along with the conference letter above.

  • The radiofrequency radiation detection meter recommended for health care practitioners to loan to their patients is the Safe & Sound Pro 2 by Safe Living Technologies. Those agreeing to participate as citizen scientists in Dr. Magda Havas’ Global EMF Monitoring project can request a discount code for the meter. Learn more here.