Generation Zapped : How the Digital Technology Age Impacts Us

Generation Zapped : How the Digital Technology Age Impacts Us

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Wireless technology concerns have recently been the subject of media attention. More research into this area indicates that unlimited access and exposure can be biologically harmful. Digital addictions and physical illnesses from wireless radiation exposure are becoming prominent with little understanding or education for users about how their technology could be affecting them. It is this lack of education and information for users that prompted Sabine El Gemayel to create the film Generation Zapped. “As a mother of teenagers I am concerned with the shadow side of wireless technology on our children. I am troubled by the increased health risks and how it is sociologically impacting children’s development and behaviour. As a citizen and consumer, I am disturbed by the business ethics behind the wireless revolution and its ubiquitous use in schools, at work, and at home.” says El Gemayel.

Hear Directly from World Experts

Generation Zapped features leading world experts in wireless radiation who explain how the microwave radiation from cell towers, cell phones, wireless routers, electronic tablets, utility “smart” meters, baby monitors, gaming devices, wearables and more can damage our health and environment. We learn how microwave radiation from wireless technology hits our central nervous system, the immune system and our reproductive systems especially hard. This technology can also disrupt our circadian rhythm. Long-term concerns discussed in Generation Zapped include DNA mutations, cancers, infertility, autism, Alzheimer’s and more.

Many Already Feel the Effects

In the short-term, the film indicates adults and children alike may be experiencing symptoms of microwave sickness, or electrical sensitivity. Many today suffer from unexplained headaches, insomnia, nosebleeds, fatigue, skin heating/rashes/tingling, cognitive impairment, behavior issues, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

Consumers seldom connect these ailments to microwave radiation exposures and the medical community in most countries has not been trained to recognize electrical sensitivities. Patients are left to endure the effects of microwave radiation with no guidance to reduce their exposures.

Learn Why Wireless Technology Was Never Safety Tested

Generation Zapped also explains how wireless technology was brought to market with no safety testing, and how the government agency responsible for establishing public radiation exposure limits has no mandate to ensure those limits are biologically safe. The film further discusses the cancer classification given by the World Health Organization.

While arrangements are made for the public distribution of Generation Zapped later this year, this 74-minute film is being screened throughout the world at film festivals, in communities, and in private viewings.

Wireless Education is pleased to partner with this award-winning film to further our shared goals of educating the public on the biological hazards of wireless technology and offer solutions to access today’s technology more safely. “Wireless Education has been asked to co-host a number of screenings in Massachusetts, and it has been enlightening to see so many citizens come out to see this film. Parents, grandparents, students, teachers, school administrators, medical professionals, municipal leaders, engineers, business owners and more have been so grateful to hear directly from the scientists, doctors, patients and public health experts featured in the film.” says Cecelia Doucette, Director of Education Services at Wireless Education.

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You can host a screening of Generation Zapped in your home or community as a way to start this important conversation while public policy catches up to the non-industry funded science. The Generation Zapped team provides ample materials to help you set up a screening and has offered a 25% discount for bookings received in the month of March to those reading this article.

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