Cell phone

21st May 2024

Cell phone neck – focus on ergonomics before it is too late!

Often the posture using cellphone is awkward, neck and spine are in unnatural position. No wonder there is a nickname for this: “Tech neck” or “Cell phone neck”. When you tilt your head greatly forward, this puts an immerse extra weight on your neck. The weight […]
5th July 2016

Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Safety for Children

Smart phones, laptops, tablets, portable media players – how many devices do your children have? In our modern world of wireless technology our children seem to have more and more electronic devices. Some of these make our lives easier. Statistics show that the average age for […]
27th May 2016

Big NTP research program confirms: RF radiation causes tumours

A study published by the United States National Toxicology Program (NTP) shows that exposure to cell-phone radiation caused an increase in two types of tumours, glioma and schwannoma. Over a two-year period, The NTP carried out a comprehensive study of rats exposed to standard cell-phone radiation […]
24th May 2016

UK Business executive claims his mobile gave him brain cancer

Mobile use gave him Brain Cancer? In a recent article published by the Daily Mail, a business executive, Ian Phillips, claimed that spending six hours a day on his mobile phone gave him brain cancer. Despite receiving treatment for his grade 3 tumour, he died at […]