Wireless Wise Kids book available – wireless safety education in a nutshell

Wireless Wise Kids book available – wireless safety education in a nutshell

wireless wise kids
Contributed by Cece Doucette

Lyn McLean knows microwave radiation. She also knows children and the importance of keeping them safe from it. McLean was the former Deputy Chair of two committees that developed and updated the telecommunications code for Australia’s mobile phone base stations, and was a long-term member of the Australian Government’s Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group. She is also a former teacher and as such wrote a book to teach children and their families to use today’s technologies more safely.

Wireless Wise Kids: Safer ways to use mobile and wireless technology is an engaging paperback with cheerful illustrations by Janet Selby. With lots of white space and large print, children, teachers and parents alike will find it easy to read.

 McLean shows how information travels through the air between wireless devices, routers and cell towers using microwave radiation.  She explains that since this radiation goes through buildings, it also goes through our bodies.

McLean, who is Director of EMR Australia PL, offers ways to limit the amount of radiation we are exposed to. She talks about choosing phones that emit less radiation, and using them sparingly. She also walks the reader through important strategies for avoiding exposure from other common radiation-emitting devices like DECT cordless phones, modems, laptops, tablets and routers.

Sam Parish recommends the book; he is a civil engineer in the U.S. who has worked with radiation in nuclear power plants and medical facilities. He understands the health risks and has taught his family to minimize radiation exposure. In a proud parenting moment, Parish shared, “My son just walked in to school last week with the Wireless Wise Kids book and gave it to his teacher to read…  without me telling him to. He’s nine years old.”

McLean says, “Children are our most valuable resource. We just don’t know the impacts of exposing them for their entire lives from conception. It makes sense to limit unnecessary exposure.”

Parents can begin to educate their children, and children and parents alike can begin to educate their schools. The book is a nice way to open the conversation as most educators are not aware of how to reduce student and staff exposure.

Those wishing to learn more about wireless radiation are welcome to take a 40-minute on-line School and Families course. For less than the cost of a movie ticket, the 40-minute Schools and Families Course distills thousands of scientific studies and medical advisories into easy-to-learn concepts. Upon completion, participants receive a tip sheet with handy safety reminders. There is also a low-cost 40-minute Corporate Induction Course for keeping employees safer in the workplace.